Excerpts from the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement


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Exercise of Petroleum Rights

Prior to the initial exercise of rights in respect of exploration, development or production of petroleum on Crown lands in the Nunavut Settlement Area, and in order to prepare a benefits plan for the approval of the appropriate regulatory authority, the proponent shall consult the Designated Inuit Organization, and Government shall consult the Designated Inuit Organization*(D.I.O.), in respect to those matters listed in Schedule 27-1.

Schedule 27-1
Matters Considered Appropriate for Consultation

  1. Inuit training.
  2. Inuit hiring.
  3. Employment rotation.
  4. Labour relations.
  5. Business opportunities for Inuit.
  6. Housing, accommodation and recreation on project site.
  7. Safety, health and hygiene.
  8. Language of workplace.
  9. Identification, protection and conservation of archaeological sites and specimens.
  10. Research and development.
  11. Inuit access to facilities constructed for the project such as airfields and roads.
  12. Particularly important Inuit environmental concerns and disruption of wildlife.
  13. Outpost camps.
  14. Information flow, including liaison between Inuit and proponent regarding project management and Inuit participation and concerns.
  15. Co-ordination with other developments.
  16. Any other matters that the Parties consider to be relevant to the needs of the project and Inuit.

For more information regarding the terms and requirements arising out of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement, please contact: President Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.

*Please note that DIO's may have compiled a comprehensive list of Inuit firms, together with information on goods and services which they would be in a position to furnish. This list has been compiled for purposes of government contracts but may be considered for oil and gas activity when consulting pursuant to article 27.1.2.