Excerpts from the Gwich'in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement


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(These excerpts are provided as information only; they are not a substitute for consulting the Final Agreement  .)

21.l.3 Before any oil and gas exploration takes place, the person proposing to explore and the Gwich'in Tribal Council shall consult on the exercise of the person's exploration rights with respect to the matters listed in (a) to (h) below. Similar consultations shall be held before the exercise of a developer's rights to develop or produce:

(a) environmental impact of the activity and mitigative measures;
(b) impact on wildlife harvesting and mitigative measures;
(c) location of camps and facilities and other related site specific planning concerns;
(d) maintenance of public order including liquor and drug control;
(e) Gwich'in employment, business opportunities and contracts, training orientation and counselling for Gwich'in employees, working conditions and terms of employment;
(f) expansion or termination of activities;
(g) a process for future consultations; and
(h) any other matter of importance to the Gwich'in or the person.

Such consultations are not intended to result in any obligations in addition to those required by legislation.

21.2 Interim Measures

21.2.1 (a) Prior to the transfer of jurisdiction described in 21.1.6 [Canada-N.W.T. Northern Accord] any person who proposes to explore for, develop or produce oil and gas on Gwich'in lands described in 18.1.2(a) [where the Gwich'in are surface owner] shall, in addition to any other obligations under this agreement, submit a benefits plan to the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development for approval.

(b) The Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development may require that the benefits plan in (a) contain provisions to ensure access to training and employment opportunities and to facilitate participation by the Gwich'in in the supply of goods and services.

(c) Any person who proposes to explore for, develop or produce oil and gas on Gwich'in lands described in 18.1.2(a) shall consult the Gwich'in Tribal Council prior to the submission and during the implementation of the benefits plan.

For more information regarding the terms and requirements arising out of the Gwich'in land claim settlement agreement, please contact:

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