Northern Contaminated Sites Program

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) is responsible for most federal lands in the North.  Through the Northern Contaminated Sites Program (CSP), the Department manages a number of contaminated properties abandoned by their previous occupants. The contamination of these properties is the result of private sector mining and oil and gas activities and government military activity that occurred over a half a century ago, when environmental impacts were not fully understood.

The objective of the CSP is to manage contaminated sites in a cost-effective and consistent manner.  The program aims to reduce and eliminate, where possible, risks to human and environmental health, and liability associated with contaminated sites in the North. Priority is given to those sites posing the highest risks.

As a complement the CSP, the Department's Contaminated Sites Management Program (CSMP) and policy provide guidance for the management of contaminated sites located on reserve lands, on federal lands north of the 60th parallel and on any other lands under AANDC's custodial responsibility.

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