The North

The North is 2/5 of Canada's land mass. With world-class mineral, oil and gas deposits, the North is a place of incredible economic opportunity. The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that Northerners and all Canadians benefit from the tremendous natural resource potential of the region.

The North is also on the front line of climate change impacts and adaptation. Strong environmental protection is an essential component of sustainable development and an important way that Canada exercises its sovereignty in the North. The Government of Canada is taking concrete action to protect and conserve the unique environment and wildlife of the Arctic.

AANDC's role

AANDC supports northern Canadians in their efforts to improve social and economic well-being to develop healthier, more sustainable communities and to participate more fully in Canada's political, social and economic development. AANDC's mandate in the North is significant and far-reaching including resource, land and environmental management responsibilities. AANDC leads federal efforts and coordinates partnerships under Canada's Northern Strategy, which informs AANDC's key priorities for the department's work in the North.

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