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Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) funds four social programs. It aims to assist First Nation individuals and communities to become more self-sufficient; protect individuals and families at risk of violence; provide prevention supports that allow individuals and families to better care for their children; and support greater participation in the labour market.

This program activity assists First Nations men, women and children in achieving greater independence and self-sufficiency in First Nations communities across Canada. It does so by flowing funds to First Nations, provincial representatives and others who provide on-reserve residents and Yukon First Nations with individual and family services that are developed and implemented in collaboration with partners.

These services help First Nation communities meet basic and special needs; support employability and attachment to the workforce; and ensure that individuals and families are safe. First Nations that are engaged in advancing their own development are better equipped to leverage opportunities made available by their communities and actively contribute to the broader Canadian economy and society.

INAC funds the delivery of four key social development programs in First Nation communities:

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