Health and Well Being

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) works with other partners to help Aboriginal and Northern individuals, families and communities to improve their health and social well-being.

What is AANDC Doing?

In support of its mandate, AANDC is responsible for safe water supplies on reserves and funding a range of province-like social programs to First Nations communities, including education, early childhood development, housing, family violence prevention, help for persons with disabilities and income assistance.

In the North, AANDC is working to reduce, and wherever possible, eliminate contaminants in traditionally harvested foods, and to ensure access to healthy, affordable food in remote areas through the Nutrition North Canada Program  .

What Information is Available?

In this section, find information on how AANDC is involved in cleaning up contaminated sites, ensuring the availability of safe and nutritious food in the North, and providing safe drinking water and funding for a variety of social programs on reserves.

The Government of Canada will be holding engagement sessions with First Nation communities, First Nation organizations and provincial/territorial governments on the creation of a federal legislative framework for drinking water and wastewater on reserve.

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