Treaty Land Entitlement

Treaty Land Entitlement claims are intended to settle the land debt owed to those First Nations who did not receive all the land they were entitled to under historical treaties signed by the Crown and First Nations. Settlement agreements are negotiated among First Nations, the Government of Canada and provincial/territorial governments. According to the terms of the agreement, a specified amount of Crown lands is identified and/or a cash settlement is provided so that a First Nation may purchase federal, provincial/territorial, or private land to settle the land debt. Once selected or purchased, this land can be added to the First Nations' reserve under the Additions to Reserve process. Currently, approximately 90 per cent of Treaty Land Entitlement transactions take place in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The fulfilment of Treaty Land Entitlement agreements assists in building partnerships and spurring economic development on reserves and in surrounding communities.

Manitoba Treaty Land Entitlement

Of the 63 First Nations in Manitoba, 29 have Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) settlement agreements. [*] Under these agreements, the Government of Canada committed to providing over $190 million, and along with the Province of Manitoba, to set apart up to 1.4 million acres of land as reserve. To date more than 850,000 acres of land have been either selected from provincial Crown land or purchased from willing sellers. All selections and acquisitions are proceeding through the Treaty Land Entitlement and Additions to Reserves processes and are at various stages ranging from initial acquisition/selection to the Federal Order that would set the lands apart as reserve.

* To date there are six First Nations under the Manitoba TLE Framework Agreement yet to ratify their agreements.

Saskatchewan Treaty Land Entitlement

Of the over 70 First Nations in Saskatchewan, 33 are active TLE First Nations that have ratified their settlement agreements. In 1992, 25 of these First Nations signed the historic Treaty Land Entitlement Framework Agreement to settle their outstanding Treaty land entitlement. Under this agreement, the provincial and federal governments committed to providing the signatory First Nations with $440 million over 12 years to buy land. Subsequent Treaty Land Entitlement settlements were reached with eight other First Nations following the principles set out in the Framework Agreement.

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