Job Search Toolkit for Aboriginal Youth

Author: Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development 
Date: 1999

PDF Version   (446 Kb, 78 Pages)


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Real You
  • Your Skills
  • Job Wanted
  • Opportunities Across Canada
  • How to Apply
  • The Interview
  • You've Got the Job
  • Be Your Own Boss


The Job Search Tool Kit for Aboriginal Youth is designed to help you with the job of looking for a job! Finding a job is really a full-time business. It takes effort, dedication and time. And even more, it takes patience. This should give you a good start on the what, where and how of job hunting.

There are some exercises to help you discover your own personality, skills and talents (including ones you might not know are there). Then there is a section on the job market, with suggestions for you to follow up in your own province or territory.

In the practical sense, there is information on how to apply for that job - writing a résumé and cover letter, and going for an interview. Then when you get the job (and you will, with patience and perseverance), there are some suggestions for your first day on your new job. There are even tips on how to make yourself indispensable to your employer.

Finally there is a section on becoming an entrepreneur - how to figure out whether you have what it takes, as well as some information on where you can get more help and information.

This is, as its name implies, a tool kit. How you use it really depends on you.


Unless otherwise noted, the exercises and information in this tool kit have been adapted from past issues of Canada Prospects, published by Human Resources Development Canada and used with permission of that department.

Published under the authority of the
Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development
Ottawa, 1999