Maintenance of Indian Registration and Lists


  • To determine who is entitled to be registered as an Indian under the Indian Act and to enter those names into the Indian Register. This identifies those persons who are eligible for services and benefits that are specifically designed for registered Indians.
  • To maintain a list of persons who are entitled to be members of Bands (or First Nations) that have not assumed control of their own membership. Normally, this is done in conjunction with the determination of entitlement to registration.
  • To receive and make decisions on protests to decisions to add persons to, and delete persons from the Indian Register or AANDC maintained Band Lists.
  • To promote the devolution of the local registration program to the First Nation community and tribal council level.

Program History / Background:

The Indian Act sets out criteria that a person must meet in order to be registered as an Indian. A departmental official known as the Indian Registrar makes decisions on registration. A person who disagrees with a decision of the Indian Registrar can lodge a protest with the Indian Registrar. A person who is still not satisfied can then appeal to the Courts.

First Nations have the option of determining their own membership or leaving these decisions with AANDC. The eligibility criterion for entry onto AANDC maintained Band Lists is similar to that for determining eligibility for registration. If the Indian Register determines that an individual is entitled to registration, the addition of the applicant's name to the Band List normally takes place at the same time as registration.

What Information is Available?

Application forms:

NOTE: There is a specific registration form which must be used by Bill C-3 applicants when submitting their request for registration to ensure that their application is processed in an expedited manner. If you are an individual who is now eligible for Indian Status a result of Bill C-3 amendments please use the Bill C-3 applications forms.

The following application forms are for use by all individuals, except those newly entitled as a result of Bill C-3 amendments to the Indian Act.