Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS)

Information Update:

Secure Certificate of Indian Status is now accepting applications by mail. All mail in applications for the Secure Certificate of Indian Status will be for the in-Canada format. Applications for the in-Canada SCIS are found on the forms page.

The following offices are currently accepting applications for the Secure Certificate of Indian Status:

  • Yukon: AANDC Regional Office in Whitehorse
  • British Columbia: AANDC Regional Office in Vancouver
  • Ontario: Brantford Business Centre, Anemki Business Centre, Sudbury Business Centre and AANDC Regional Office in Toronto
  • Atlantic Region: AANDC Regional Office in Amherst, Nova Scotia
  • Manitoba: AANDC Regional Office in Winnipeg
  • Saskatchewan: AANDC Regional Office in Regina as well as the AANDC district office in Prince Albert
  • Alberta: AANDC Regional Office in Calgary as well as Edmonton and Treaty 7 First Nations offices
  • Northwest Territories: AANDC Regional Office in Yellowknife
  • National Capital Region: AANDC Headquarters (Gatineau, QC)
  • Quebec: Kahnawake Service Centre (can only provide services to members of the Kahnawake and Kanesatake First Nations; services are offered in English), AANDC Regional Office in Quebec

Appointments are recommended when visiting an AANDC Office. For appointments at AANDC Headquarters please call 1-800-567-9604.

The remaining First Nations will continue to issue the current version of the status card (Certificate of Indian Status (CIS)).

Border Crossing:

AANDC is currently only issuing the in-Canada Secure Certificate of Indian Status. Until further notice, all applications for the border-crossing Secure Certificate of Indian Status will be converted to the in-Canada Secure Certificate of Indian Status. Individuals receiving a Secure Certificate of Indian Status will receive a letter providing this information.

For crossing the border into the United States (U.S.) via land ports of entry (which can include ferry and lake crossings), AANDC has been advised that, in the near term, U.S. border officials will accept both the SCIS and older Certificates of Indian Status as valid identity documents.

The Government of Canada cautions individuals that the duration for the acceptance of these documents for border crossing purposes into the United States is entirely at the discretion of the U.S. Government. A list of documents approved for entering the United States can be found at Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. Please note that travellers entering the United States by air continue to be required to present a valid passport or, in certain circumstances, a NEXUS card.

Please contact Passport Canada for information on passports and the Canada Border Services Agency for information on NEXUS cards.

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