Partnership Agreement

Canada / Prince Edward Island / Mi'kmaq Partnership Agreement


THE MI'KMAQ OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, as represented by the Chief of the Lennox Island First Nation and the Chief of the Abegweit First Nation


GOVERNMENT OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, as represented by the Premier of Prince Edward Island


GOVERNMENT OF CANADA, as represented by the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development

herein referred to collectively as "the Parties":

WHEREAS the goal of this Agreement is to assist in restoring, revitalizing and strengthening the Mi'kmaq of Prince Edward Island, their communities and families, improving their quality of life outcomes in the long term and establishing a new partnership among the Parties;

WHEREAS the Parties are committed to establishing a strengthened partnership based on the principles of good faith, transparency, openness, consensus building and mutual respect;

WHEREAS the Parties are committed to working in partnership to achieve tangible positive results with respect to matters of mutual concern; and

WHEREAS the Chiefs of the Lennox Island First Nation and of the Abegweit First Nation are committed to ensuring that these results will improve the quality of life outcomes of the Mi'kmaq of Prince Edward Island and are committed to working with relevant Aboriginal organizations to achieve this goal;

The parties have reached the following understanding:

  1. The Parties will work collaboratively to make progress on practical and mutually agreed to subject-matters, such as, but not limited to, education, health, child and family services, justice and economic development. For greater certainty, the Parties may agree to address other subject-matters in the future.
  2. A leadership meeting between the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, on behalf of Canada, the Minister Responsible for Aboriginal Affairs, on behalf of Prince Edward Island, and the Chiefs of the Abegweit First Nation and the Lennox Island First Nation, on behalf of the Mi'kmaq of Prince Edward Island, will be held annually to ensure progress and accountability with respect to the work undertaken in accordance with this Agreement.
  3. The Parties will establish a Coordinating Committee comprised of representatives appointed by each of the Parties, to oversee the work undertaken under this Agreement. In particular, the Coordinating Committee will:
    1. identify the subject-matters to be addressed under this Agreement;
    2. establish a Policy and Planning Forum for each agreed to subject-matter;
    3. coordinate, monitor and evaluate progress made on the work undertaken on each of the agreed to subject-matters; and
    4. ensure that its representatives report annually to their respective principals on work progress.
  4. The purpose of each Policy and Planning Forum will be to achieve tangible positive results with regard to its respective subject-matter. In order to meet this objective, each Forum will:
    1. establish terms of reference, including accountability and reporting mechanisms;
    2. develop a strategic workplan, including identified priorities, deliverables and performance indicators; and
    3. report on a regular basis and be accountable to the Coordinating Committee on its respective subject-matter and strategic workplan.
  5. The Parties recognize that the participation of relevant government departments will be required to make progress with respect to specific subject matters.
  6. This Agreement and the work undertaken pursuant to this Agreement:
    1. shall be on a "without prejudice" basis;
    2. shall be deemed not to create, define, alter or affect the legal rights or positions of any of the Parties;
    3. shall not create any legal obligations which are binding on the Parties;
    4. are not intended to examine Aboriginal or treaty rights, and are
    5. not intended to meet any common law obligation to consult and/or accommodate in respect of any such rights that may exist; and
    6. do not preclude any of the Parties from participating in a process or initiative established to discuss, or action taken to address, Aboriginal and treaty rights.

Signed at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, the ____ day of __________ , 2007.


Representing the Mi'kmaq of Prince Edward Island


Chief Darlene Bernard



Chief Brian Francis



Representing the Government of Prince Edward Island


The Honourable Robert Ghiz



Representing the Government of Canada


The Honourable Chuck Strahl

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