Specific Claims - Summary Report


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What is being measured?

This Summary Report provides a roll-up of statistics on specific claims concluded since 1973 as well as claims still in progress.

Search the Summary Report in the reporting centre. To learn more about the terms used in this report, read the Key Definitions or Frequently Asked Questions.

What information is available?

In this report, you will find up-to-date statistics on claims that are still being processed as well as claims that have already been resolved. For example, you can find out how many claims are currently in the overall federal inventory (ie. being assessed or negotiated) or how many claims have been concluded across the country since 1973. A breakdown of related statistics is also available by province or territory.

Location of Specific Claims Across Canada

Specific Claims Inventory - Statistics by Province/Territory

This pie chart shows the location of specific claims in Canada that are still being processed.

Text description of this chart is available on a separate page.