Specific Claims Action Plan

The unfinished business of specific claims led to the June 12, 2007 announcement of an action plan to speed up the resolution of these claims. Canada's Specific Claims Action Plan has fundamentally altered the way specific claims are handled, bringing greater fairness, speed and transparency to the process.

Key to this revitalized approach is the creation of an independent Tribunal and practical measures to ensure faster processing by the government.

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The Specific Claims Tribunal

Negotiations will continue to be Canada's first choice for resolving specific claims. However, First Nations can now refer their claims to the independent Tribunal for a binding decision when other options fail. Learn more about the Tribunal.

Canada and the Assembly of First Nations  jointly developed the legislation to establish the Tribunal. This legislation is called the Specific Claims Tribunal Act   . It came into force on October 16, 2008, achieving a goal that has been sought for over sixty years. Read about past calls for a Tribunal.

Background information

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