Specific Claims - Settlement Report

What is being measured?

This report provides information on progress made in resolving specific claims through negotiated settlements between 1973 and the present day. In this searchable report, you will find up-to-date information about individual claim settlements, such as the amount of compensation provided and date the claim was settled.

Search the settlement report in the reporting centre. To learn more about specific claims, please review the key definitions and Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also explore the Interactive Map on Specific Claim Settlements to get information about specific claims settled through negotiations since 1973.

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Why negotiate?

Canada prefers to resolve claims by negotiating settlements with First Nations. Negotiated settlements right past wrongs; they also help rebuild relationships and generate multiple benefits for all Canadians.  These benefits include economic benefits, new opportunities for business partnerships and certainty for First Nations, industry and area communities. Negotiations lead to "win-win" situations that balance the interests of all Canadians.

How to search the settlement report

You can access this searchable report in various ways. If you know the name of a particular claim(s) or the First Nation claimant, you can search by name. If you do not have these details, you can narrow your search by selecting the First Nation and/or the province/territory from a list. You can also search the report by using a combination of any of the other search fields. Search the settlement report in the reporting centre.


Specific claims
Specific claims deal with the past grievances of First Nations. These grievances relate to Canada's obligations under historic treaties or the way it managed First Nation funds or assets. (return to source paragraph)