Status of Specific Claims in Canada

A key goal of Canada's Specific Claims Action Plan is to bring greater transparency to the process so Canadians can judge for themselves how the government is delivering on its commitment to resolve these claims.

As a key part of these efforts, a public report has been created to help track the progress made as individual First Nation claims move through the process. The status of individual claims is updated daily in a searchable report.

Search the status report. To learn more about specific claims, please review the key definitions and Frequently Asked Questions.

What information is available?

In this report, you will find up-to-date information about the status of individual First Nation specific claims, along with a brief description of the claim and key dates. The report includes facts about claims that are still being processed as well as claims that have already been resolved. Search the status report.

How to search the status report

You can access this searchable report in various ways. If you know the name of a particular claim(s) or the First Nation claimant, you can search by name. If you do not have these details, you can narrow your search by selecting the First Nation and/or the province/territory from a list. You can also search the report by the status of the claim (eg. in negotiation, settled) or by using a combination of any of the other search fields. To learn more about the key terms used in the report, read the key definitions.

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