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These tables are categorized as comprehensive land claim negotiations because they have the dual focus of bringing clarity to Aboriginal rights and implementing the historic Peace and Friendship Treaties of 1760–1761. The negotiated agreements will honour historic treaty rights.


In September 2008, the Mi’gmaq of Québec, the Province of Québec and Canada signed the Niganita’suatas’gl Ilsutagann Agreement (NI). The NI is an Umbrella Agreement which establishes a results-oriented process to discuss issues of mutual concern with a view of reaching a Framework Agreement. In June 2012, the parties signed a Framework Agreement as well as a Consultation Agreement which establishes a streamlined, one-window process through which federal and provincial governments can consult the Mi’gmaq in Québec.

New Brunswick

The Mi'gmag and Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) of New Brunswick, the Province of New Brunswick and Canada signed the Mi'gmag Wolastoqiyik/New Brunswick/Canada Umbrella Agreement on September 9, 2011. This Agreement establishes an effective and orderly process to help guide discussions among the parties towards the conclusion of a Framework Agreement on Aboriginal and treaty rights and self-government and a Consultation Agreement.

Prince Edward Island

In December 2007, the Mi'kmaq of Prince Edward Island, the Province of Prince Edward Island and Canada signed a Partnership Agreement, which strengthened their relationship and established a tripartite process to address issues of mutual concern such as education, health, child and family services, justice and economic development. In August 2012, the parties signed a Consultation Agreement which establishes a streamlined, one-window process through which federal and provincial governments can consult the Mi'kmaq of Prince Edward Island.

Nova Scotia

The Mi'kmaq of Nova Scotia, the Province of Nova Scotia and Canada signed an Umbrella Agreement on June 7, 2002, and a Framework Agreement on February 23, 2007. Through the Framework Agreement, the parties have agreed to enter into a negotiation process which provides a constructive and practical way of addressing the treaty and Aboriginal rights and title of the Mi'kmaq of Nova Scotia. The parties are currently negotiating an Agreement-in-Principle and discussions are in progress on issues including wildlife, lands, governance and National Parks.

On August 31, 2010, the parties also signed the Terms of Reference for a Mi'kmaq-Nova Scotia-Canada Consultation Process. This Agreement streamlines and facilitates consultation by establishing an orderly process for Crown consultations with the thirteen Mi'kmaq First Nations.

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