Acts, Agreements, Treaties and Land Claims

AANDC is one of the federal government departments responsible for meeting the Government of Canada's obligations and commitments to First Nations, Inuit and Métis and for fulfilling the federal government's constitutional responsibilities in the North. Many of these responsibilities are defined by the more than 50 laws and regulations that AANDC administers. The Department's programs, services, policies and legislative initiatives help fulfill its responsibilities.

AANDC negotiates and implements land claim and self-government agreements on behalf of the Government of Canada. The Department is also responsible for fulfilling obligations in historic treaties.

Strong partnerships among Aboriginal people, governments and the private sector are emerging as we address outstanding land claim and treaty issues and work toward self-government. Land claims and self government agreements achieve the following:

  • greater certainty over rights to land and resources therefore contributing to a positive investment climate and creating greater potential for economic development and growth;
  • greater control for Aboriginal people and Northerners over the decisions that affect their lives.

This section contains information about the Acts, Bills and Regulations that affect Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC), as well as land claims and historic treaties