NWT Region Operational Directorates

Governance and Partnerships

The Governance and Partnerships Directorate is responsible for First Nations and Inuit organizations in their initiatives to obtain control and accountability for the delivery of a variety of programs and services in their communities. The directorate offers programs and services under the following divisions: registration; revenue and band governance; lands and environment; and field services. The directorate supports the work of all departments of the Government of Canada related to the negotiation of land claims and Aboriginal self-government agreements in the NWT . The directorate also supports political development, intergovernmental matters, and board relations.

Phone: (867) 669-2602

Resource and Land Management

The Resource and Land Management Directorate supports environmental protection and economic development in the territory through the administration of surface and sub-surface rights on federal lands; the management of On-Reserve lands and environment; the administration of northern off-shore oil and gas interests, and environmental assessments on federal lands.

Phone: (867) 669-2501

Contaminants and Remediation

AANDC recognizes that contaminated sites must be managed to protect the health and safety of Northerners, to safeguard the environment and to restore a precious part of Canada's natural environment. Management approaches can include monitoring, care and maintenance, and remediation. The Contaminants and Remediation Directorate (CARD) brings together all of AANDC's work associated with federal contaminated sites in the NWT, and the Northern Contaminants Program. The directorate, working closely with Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), is currently managing over 25 contaminated sites in the NWT, at various stages of remediation.

Phone: (867) 669-2416