Tlicho Lands

Colomac Mine Remediation

The Tlicho Land Claims and Self-government Agreement was signed on August 25, 2003 by the Tlicho Government, the Government of the Northwest Territories and the Government of Canada. The agreement covers an area of 39,000 km2 north of Great Slave Lake. The Tlicho Agreement is a combined land and self-government agreement, the first agreement of its type in Canada.

Tlicho Elders identified the Colomac Mine Site, a former gold mine, as a major concern early in the Tlicho land claim negotiation process. One of the main concerns at Colomac was tailings water which contained, among other substances, cyanide—a chemical that was used to remove the gold from the ore.

The Colomac Remediation Plan was developed in partnership with the elders, who provided traditional knowledge and advice about caribou migration around the Colomac site and traditional land use in the Indin Lake area.

Remediation of the former Colomac gold mine is in its final stages, and water at the site is now safe once again. Throughout the project, Tlicho businesses have been involved in the project, either as primary or sub-contractors, bringing benefits to Tlicho community members.

Remediation: To remove, reduce, or neutralize waste harm to the environment or public safety. In general, it or hazardous material from a site to prevent or minimize means to clean-up a contaminated site.