Comprehensive Land Claim Agreements (CLCAs)

CLCAs are negotiated in areas of the country where Aboriginal rights and title have not been addressed by historic treaties or other legal means, or where there remains outstanding disagreement around the terms of those treaties.

In the NWT, CLCAs are modern treaties between Aboriginal groups, Canada and the territorial government. They are negotiated to deal with the uncertainties and disagreements that exist around the original historic Treaties. In areas where both a historic treaty and a modern treaty exist, some rights from the historic treaty are maintained, while others are exchanged for rights in the modern treaty. This is clearly described in the modern treaty.

While each CLCA is unique, these agreements usually include such things as land ownership and management, money, wildlife harvesting rights, participation in land, resource, water, wildlife and environmental management, and measures to support economic development and protect Aboriginal culture.

Agreements may also include provisions relating to Aboriginal self-government, or provide for future negotiations of self-government.