CIRNAC is focused on accelerating the remediation of contaminated sites in the North to protect the health and safety of Indigenous people, Northerners, and the integrity of the environment.

What is CIRNAC doing to minimize the impact of contaminants on northern people and the environment in the Northwest Territories?

CIRNAC NWT Region is working to reduce localized contamination at former mine, military and exploration sites, and to monitor wider-spread contamination in traditionally harvested foods.


In 2005, the Government of Canada introduced the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan (FCSAP)–a $3.5 billion cost-shared program that supports federal departments (including CIRNAC), agencies and consolidated Crown corporations in addressing contaminated sites for which they are responsible. The primary objective of this program is to address the risks that these sites pose to human health and the environment, and to reduce the associated financial liability.

What information is available?

In this section, you will find information related to contaminated sites in the Northwest Territories, and projects underway by CIRNAC and their partners to remediate these sites.

You'll find information about the remediation process for contaminated sites, and descriptions of some contaminants and hazards commonly found there.

You'll also find information on the Northern Contaminants Program, a pan-northern program to monitor and reduce contamination in traditionally harvested foods.

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