British Columbia Treaty Commission (BCTC) Annual Report 2001


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Table of Contents

  • Letter from the Chief Commissioner
  • Reappointments provide continuity, stability
  • The three faces of the Treaty Commission
  • Six-stage treaty process
  • Progress Report
  • Status of each negotiation table
  • Milestones
  • Resources
  • Looking Back Looking Forward
  • A hard look at treaty negotiations in BC
  • What has been accomplished
  • Why treaties are taking so long
  • What we've learned
  • Commitments tested
  • A prescription for moving forward
  • Build treaties incrementally
  • Be candid in negotiations
  • Respect the tripartite nature of the process
  • Address urban issues
  • Improve consultation, information
  • Negotiate during a referendum
  • What if we don't do treaties?