Other Government Programs and Services

Children, Youth and Education

Jobs and Training


  • The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation   partners with First Nations and others on assistance programs and innovative financing techniques to meet housing needs on and off reserve. Examples of programs include the Loan Insurance Program, the On-Reserve Non-profit Housing Program, and the On-Reserve Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program.

Land and Environment

  • The Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy   works to ensure that the Aboriginal fishery is managed effectively and co-operatively.
  • Natural Resources Canada's   programs and services provide useful tools to assist Aboriginal people to manage their own lands and resources and to participate more fully in Canada's natural resource-based economy.

Arts and Culture

  • The Canada Council for the Arts   offers programs to help artists create and present their work. All Canada Council programs are available to Aboriginal artists and non-profit arts organisations. In addition, there are several council programs open only to Aboriginal artists and arts organisations.
  • The Museums Assistance Program   makes money available to Canadian museums and related organisations. If you are interested in creating an Aboriginal museum you may be eligible for support.

Justice, Legal Issues and Taxation

  • Alternatives   to the justice system are available to Aboriginal people, particularly youth.

New Technology