Reporting and Monitoring

First Nations and First Nations organisations who have funding agreements with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) must report to AANDC on the use of those funds and program delivery outcomes.

The AANDC First Nations Reporting Guide (FNRG) provides funding recipients with:

  • an overview of each program
  • definition of key terms
  • reporting forms, and
  • instructions for completing reporting forms including samples of reports

First Nations meet reporting requirements 95 per cent of the time. However, when reports are submitted late or do not meet the specifications in the FNRG, AANDC may respond as outlined in AANDC's Management Control Framework on Reporting Requirements.

AANDC also conducts reviews of First Nations' and First Nations organisations' audited financial statements, and other reports, to assess the ability of a funding recipient to continue to deliver programs to First Nations communities. In most cases, AANDC does not intervene in First Nations' financial affairs. However, where the terms and conditions of a funding agreement are not being met, AANDC may intervene in the management of the agreement.

To obtain a copy of AANDC's FNRG or for further information on reporting requirements, contact Main Reception and ask to speak to a Funding Services Officer in Funding Services, Programs and Partnerships.