Comprehensive Community Planning

Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) is a priority for many First Nations who see it as an effective tool to build healthy and sustainable communities that improve the quality of life for their members.

Role of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC), BC Region

AANDC is supportive of long-term community-based planning by First Nations. It is a specific commitment that has been made in the department's Sustainable Development Strategy. Supporting First Nations' comprehensive community planning will enable the Department to be more responsive to community needs and priorities.

BC Region has been working in partnership with five First Nations on CCP pilot projects since 2004. The Region has recently expanded support for CCP to ensure that more First Nations communities can experience the benefits of developing community-based and community-driven plans.

Our work also includes the development of the CCP Handbook: Comprehensive Community Planning for First Nations in British Columbia. Developed in partnership with First Nations, this resource is a useful reference tool to support First Nations interested in doing CCP.

Funding support for CCP is available through numerous programs.

For more information on CCP please e-mail or contact the Community Initiatives Manager at 604-775-7065.