Band and Individual Moneys

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) works with First Nations to manage money generated from the use of reserve land.

Since reserve land is held by the Government of Canada (the Crown) on behalf of First Nations for the use and benefit of First Nations, AANDC administers moneys generated from the sale or use of reserve land through two types of accounts.

  1. A capital account receives money that comes from the sale of land or the sale of non-renewable resources such as oil, gas, timber and gravel.
  2. A revenue account receives any other money that comes from sources such as rent from leases, permits, and interest from capital funds.
AANDC also manages money for individuals in special circumstances. An account may be set up for a child who is not of age (minors), and for individuals deemed mentally incompetent to manage their affairs.

For further information on band and individual moneys, visit the links below or contact Main Reception and ask to speak to a Band Governance Officer in Community Development.