Membertou Band

Council of Membertou Band
111 Membertou Street
Sydney, NS
B1S 2M9

Phone: (902) 564-6466
Fax: (902) 539-6645

History: Mi'kmaq

Province: Nova Scotia

Chief: Terrance J. Paul


Dan Christmas
Allistar Buster Matthews
Lee Gould
Robin Googoo
Julie Christmas
Dean Christmas
Darrell Bernard
Johanna Laporte
Lawrence Quism Paul
David Marshall
Paul MacDonald
Anthony Daniel Paul

Effective date: July 18, 2012 - July 17, 2014

Population: (As of December 31, 2011) Total: 1,288
On-Reserve: 833 Off-Reserve: 453 Crown Land: 2

Federal member Riding
Mark Eyking (L) Sydney/Victoria
Rodger Cuzner (L) Cape Breton-Canso
Provincial member Riding
W. Manning MacDonald (L) Cape Breton South
Alfie MacLeod (PC) Cape Breton West
Gordie Gosse (NDP) Cape Breton Nova
Allan MacMaster (PC) Inverness

Geography: (Main reserve marked with an *)

Name Size
Location Established
*Membertou #28b 95.1 1.6 km S of Sydney
Caribou Marsh #29 219.3 8 km SW of Sydney 28/04/1882
Sydney #28a 5.1 1.6 km NE of Sydney 07/09/1921
@Malagawatch #4 661.3 62.4 km SW of Sydney 02/08/1833
@ 20% Held by each: Chapel Island, Sydney, Eskasoni, Wagmatcook, Waycobah; 20% = 132.36 each