Common Experience Payments

Former Students of Mistassini Hostels

Former students who attended Mistassini Hostels had until September 2, 2013 to apply for the Common Experience Payment (CEP) and the Independent Assessment Process (IAP).

On March 27, 2013, Chief Justice Rolland of the Quebec Superior Court approved an Order allowing former students who resided at Mistassini Hostels to submit applications for the Common Experience Payment (CEP) and the Independent Assessment Process (IAP).

Information Update on the Common Experience Payment

Information for Applicants

  • The Common Experience Payment application deadline has passed. Late applications were accepted until September 19, 2012 in cases of disability, undue hardship and exceptional circumstances. For more information, you can call the CEP line at 1-866-565-4526.

  • If your address has changed since you applied for the CEP and you have not received correspondence since submitting your application, it is important that you advise the CEP Response Centre of this change by calling 1-866-565-4526. With your permission, the center will also ensure the change is noted at Service Canada.
The Common Experience Payment (CEP) is one element of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement. The court-approved Settlement Agreement was implemented on September 19, 2007, and was negotiated by representatives from various Aboriginal organizations, church entities, legal representatives for former students, and the Government of Canada. The CEP is paid to eligible former students who resided at a listed Indian Residential School. Eligible former students receive $10,000 for their first year (or part thereof) of their attendance at a listed Indian Residential School plus $3,000 for each additional year (or part thereof).

Canada's role in the Common Experience Payment process

  • According to the Settlement Agreement, Canada is the trustee for the $1.9 billion set aside for the CEP and accountable to the parties of the Settlement Agreement and to the courts.

  • All CEP applications are reviewed to ensure that those entitled to receive CEP are compensated.

  • In each stage of the CEP process (initial application, reconsideration or appeal) and when necessary, AANDC will contact applicants to gain clarification or additional information surrounding their residential school experience to help with the research assessment.

  • When information is unclear or incomplete, interpretation favours the applicant.

  • Applications are not approved based on the applicant’s declaration of residence alone.

  • In all stages of the CEP process, the elderly (65+) and seriously-ill applicants receive priority.

Applicants can call 1-866-565-4526 for updates on their applications.

Reconsideration Process
If an application is denied in full or in part, the Applicant is advised of the reasons and may seek reconsideration. Additional information to support residency at an eligible Indian Residential School is not required, however, the applicant can choose to provide additional information to the CEP Response Center through mail, email, telephone or by fax to the locations listed below. Helpful information can include photographs, documents related to residential school tenure, written affidavits from fellow students or staff.

Common Experience Payment Response Centre:
P.O. Box 5260
Nepean LCD Merivale
Ottawa, ON K2C 3H5
CEP Response Center Toll Free: 1-866-565-4526
Fax: 1-866-352-4080

If you do not apply for the Reconsideration Process, you will not be able to appeal your assessment any further.

Appeal Process
If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the Reconsideration Process, you can request an appeal to the National Administration Committee (NAC), a committee of 7 members made up of one representative from each party to the Settlement Agreement. After reviewing your appeal, the NAC will make a decision and send it to the Appeal Administrator, along with the reasons or the decision. Applicants can get information about the status of their appeal by calling 1-866-879-4916.

CEP application forms are available on the Indian Residential Schools Settlement – Official Court and Service Canada websites, in person at a Service Canada Center or by calling 1-866-879-4913.

IAP Application Forms are available on the Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat website. For more information, please contact the Adjudication Secretariat directly at 1-877-635-2648.


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