Inuit Relations

As of September 4, 2012, the Inuit Relations Secretariat has joined the department's Policy and Strategic Direction branch as the Inuit Relations Directorate. This initiative will help to streamline program management and business processes in delivering efficient, effective and accountable programs.

The Inuit Relations Directorate serves as the Government of Canada's primary point of contact for collaboration with Inuit organizations, and to be an internal government source for information, advice and expertise on Inuit matters.

The Directorate has a mandate to:

  • develop common approaches within the federal government to address Inuit issues in order to bring greater coherence, relevance and effectiveness to policies and programs as they affect Inuit;
  • identify and use opportunities to leverage resources from multiple sources to address Inuit priorities;
  • clarify and strengthen roles and responsibilities of and between governments as they pertain to Inuit; and
  • develop strong ongoing relations with national, regional, international and urban Inuit organizations.

Additional Information