Community Infrastructure

Budget 2016 proposes to invest $3.93 billion in Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada's programs to improve First Nations community infrastructure including, water and wastewater systems, housing, education and other essential infrastructure on reserve. To learn more about how to access this funding, contact your INAC regional office to make sure your community infrastructure proposals are included in your First Nation Infrastructure Investment Plan.

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How community infrastructure is funded in First Nation communities

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) works with First Nation governments and communities to support adequate and sustainable housing, clean drinking water and community infrastructure such as schools, roads, and wastewater systems, which are essential to healthy, safe and prosperous communities.

The First Nations Infrastructure Investment Plan helps INAC assess infrastructure needs and strategically plan infrastructure investments in First Nation communities across Canada. First Nation communities work with their INAC regional office to develop these plans and proposals in order to access INAC funding programs.

INAC infrastructure investments are delivered through several funding programs, including:

Budget 2016 investments

Budget 2016 proposes to invest, through INAC programs, beginning in 2016-2017:

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