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Algonquins of Barriere Lake

Residents The term "residents" means that the persons reside in the community to which they are affiliated. ?

Non-residents The term "non-residents" means that the persons do not reside in the community to which they are affiliated. ?

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The term "toponym" generally refers to reserves, Indian lands, establishments or other land bases. ?
Rapid Lake
Community Name:
" Community name " The choice of a name belongs to the community itself, which explains the unilingual presentation of certain names. ?
Algonquins of Barriere Lake
Legal Name:
The corporate name of a company or a civil company (i.e. its name) is often made of credits, which name in a general way the company or the civil company, and of specific, which distinguishes this company from the others. ?
Algonquins of Barriere Lake
Chief: Casey Ratt
  • Norman Matchewan
  • Jeannette Wawatie
  • David Wawatie
  • Hervey Donat Papatie
  • David Jones Thusky
  • Peter Poucachiche
Adress: P.O. Box 74, General Delivery
Rapid Lake (Quebec) J0W 2C0
Phone: None
Fax: None
Website: None
Tribal Council:
Tribal Councils are defined as institutions established as a grouping of bands with common interests who voluntarily join together to provide advisory and/or program services to member bands. ?
Type of Territory: Indian reserve
Surface: 29.7 hectares (73.4 acres)
Localisation: The community is located 134 kilometres north of Maniwaki, on the shores of the Cabonga reservoir.
Access: Year-round road access and located between 50 and 350 kilometres from the nearest service center.
Elections: Indian Act
Member of Parliament: William Amos, Liberal Party of Canada (LPC)
Provincial MNA: Stéphanie Vallée, Quebec Liberal Party (QLP)

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